My Personal Experiences



Performing in Shitfaced's Hamlet at the Fringe was an incredible experience. A sold out 1000  seater venue (McEwan Hall) was a thrill in itself, particularly being pissed in front of that many people. Yish. This show taught me so much about listening, timing, acting on instinct, learning a play and story like I've never learnt anything before. It's raw and impulsive and seriously exciting for an actor to be a part of. It's also an amazing family to join. 



Performing in Slackline Productions 24hr adventure was brilliant and so eye opening. At 7pm we were put into groups of 2 actors, 1 director and a writer. Once we played a few 'getting to know one another games', the writer went off and had 12hrs to write a 15-20min play that was to be performed and directed by us at 7pm the following night. We worked incredibly well together, we were calm and collected and playful and it was a joy to be a part of a collection of remarkable work. 



Last summer I played Helena in an outdoor tour of A Midsummer Night's Dream. This is a role I've been fighting for for some time and to be cast in this show made me very happy. I relate a lot to Helena, or definitely felt I did when I was younger and it was surprisingly cathartic to be throwing myself around the stage saying such wittyand wonderful words. 

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